Distance Healing


Even the sight of an animal can bring calm and excitement.

I love animals. From as early as I can remember, we always had a family pet; a cat(s) or dog(s), usually simultaneously.

It is amazing what pets and animals bring to our lives and the impact they make. It is no secret the therapeutic benefits pets bring to people of all ages and circumstances. Think about therapy dogs visiting long term care residents, hospitals, service dogs assisting people with anxiety and PTSD, reduce the feelings of loneliness, and prison training programs where inmates train dogs to be adopted where both the inmate and dog and prison guards all benefit. Animals have proven scientifically to help alleviate stress, depression, and improve mental health.

Living more north now I get to experience all kinds of wildlife in its wonder and it is a blessing to observe. I keep the binoculars close by! From seeing a groundhog next door mowing down on greens, a fawn navigating the forest, beavers in the river, wild turkeys, black bears, deer, and the smaller creatures like honey bees, dragon flys, hummingbirds, all kinds of birds, baby robins taking flight from the nest in my deck, even an owl hung out for a few days!

Along my healing journey, I was introduced to some gifted mentors and started to go to meditation classes. This is where my intuition started to unfold and develop. One of my mentors is in her 90’s, she inherited many gifts including the ability to communicate with the other side. Her mother and grandmother had the same gift and it was never shut down by my mentor, so she was able to continue to develop her gifts throughout life. For years a few friends and I would drive over an hour every week to attend her evening classes, even though it was tiring after a full day of work, I will always cherish those times and the invaluable lessons.

The special connection I have with animals and the energy work background I have, it only made sense to offer this service for your fur babies.

I use a combination of therapies learned throughout the years to offer a unique healing approach for your pet by intuitively connecting with your pet and feeling his or her communication to guide me for the healing session, often offering a message to deliver to the owner.

Help your pet reduce pain and anxiety 

benefits of Reiki energy healing for animals

Babbah (young Sphinx cat with multiple serious health issues)

Babbah responded favourable to the distance healing energy treatment. He has more energy and is much less anxious, which I believe has contributed to an overall improvement in his health. In fact, at the time Victoria treated Babbah, he wasn’t expected to live much beyond a few days to a week. That was 6 months ago.

Denver (Sr dog, suffers from serious mobility issue)

“The distance healing treatment helped to settle Denver. The treatment helped him relax from the positive energy and soothe his sore joints and body. His movements seemed ‘less stressed’ overall.

Jack (12 yr old cat)

Jack was ‘extra chilled’ after Victoria’s distance healing treatment. He was less aggressive with the other cats in our home and I noticed subtle but positive improvements in his overall mood.

I found him to be calmer, more attentive and less anxious after the treatment.

About her dog Jackson:

“I have a beautiful, highly sensitive and anxious rescue dog that we have had for a year and a half. This pup has been accustomed to having at least 2 hours of exercise daily, that seems to help manage his anxiety and improve his ability to listen.  I had back surgery and was immobile for quite some time. Although friends and family helped out to exercise the pup, I was incredibly concerned about his ability to deal with my absence in his life and lack of exercise. Victoria gave him a distance Reiki treatment to help with how he was feeling. I found him to be calmer, more attentive and less anxious after the treatment. I found that he listened to me and was very gentle to be around, although he is rambunctious and has so much energy. It was like he absolutely understood what had happened to me and he was ok with it.  I found that having the treatment, helped me feel calmer and less guilty about not being able to do what I could before, because he was calm. Much thanks to such a wonderful Modality and practitioner”