Trimesters 1 - 4

Acupuncture Trimesters 1-4

Acupuncture has been used throughout the centuries and in China obstetrics texts date as far as the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). Acupuncture offers a safe natural solution to assist during the entire pregnancy to keep the mom-to-be healthy and the baby happy. Postpartum treatments help aid many ailments and assist healing and recovery. Traditional Chinese medicine views pregnancy from the perspective of the essence, qi, and blood. These are the areas focused on during treatment to ensure overall health of the mother and baby.

“Pregnant women are one group of patients who are particularly highly motivated when it comes to finding drug-free solutions to medical problems. It is surely just a matter of time before hospital antenatal clinics routinely incorporate acupuncture as a safe and relatively cheap solution to many of the disorders or pregnancy”.

– Jane Lyttleton, author, researcher, practitioner

Acupuncture may help with many syndromes, including, but not limited to:

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Additional Recommendations for Morning Sickness

Post Pregnancy Symptom Relief via Acupuncture

4th Trimester - 6 Weeks Post Delivery

Post-Pregnancy Tips

Rest, no sexual intercourse for 8 weeks.

Abdominal binding: day 2 after vaginal birth, day 6 after C-Section.

Avoid consuming cold water and cold food.

No bathing or swimming (shower only).

Avoid draft and cold air.

No lifting heavy objects.

Avoid Cold Temperatures Post Birth

After giving birth, a woman has lost a lot of blood. In traditional Chinese medicine theory, blood and Qi, or vital life energy, are linked; the loss of blood leads to the loss of Qi. The mother is therefore weak and vulnerable to catching cold. At this time it is easy for cold to penetrate deep into the meridians or channels. This condition could later lead to symptoms such as pain in the muscles or joints, or a type of nerve pain. Where the pain develops is where the cold remains in the body. Even during summer a new mother would be advised to take care not to expose herself to very cold conditions